Bill Cloyd – Founder

A mechanical engineer and former high school physics teacher, is founder and president of Newton’s Attic. From a young age, Bill was a natural engineer with a passion for designing and fabricating huge and complicated constructs that could be used to demonstrate both daredevil human feats and the principles of physics all in one. The 80 foot tower utilizing a circus net and tennis ball cannon to shoot falling human targets and the 40 foot trajectory human ‘lake launcher,’ still used by Lexington physics teachers, were early indications of Cloyd’s imagination and ambition. Frustrated by the confines of the classroom and exposed to the need of science and math teachers for resources to make their classes more appealing, Bill was inspired to create Newton’s Attic where he developed a highly engaging approach to educating students about the excitement, fun, and career opportunities available to them through physics and engineering. Using the concept of play as the ultimate learning tool, Newton’s Attic now has a library of programs that allow students to engage in hands-on design, fabrication and field-testing of their own mechanical devices in highly energized and competitive environments. Bill is a professional engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is also owner of an engineering consulting company, Mark IV, Incorporated.