Sarah Wilson – Master Instructor

Sarah Wilson is a lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of Kentucky. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Rowan University in New Jersey before attending graduate school for her PhD at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. Sarah conducted her thesis research on the production of the anti-cancer compound Paclitaxel (Taxol) through the use of plant cell cultures from the Taxus Yew Tree. Throughout her time at Rowan and UMass, Sarah developed a passion for undergraduate education. This passion led her to pursue a career as a lecturer, where she could focus on training undergraduate chemical engineering students. She has been teaching at UK for three years and is inspired by her students motivation on a daily basis. Since graduate school, Sarah has been highly involved with STEM outreach and loves the additional challenge of breaking down complex science and engineering concepts for younger audiences. She loves to see her passion for science spread to her students and is always amazed by the creative and fearless problem solving abilities of young students. In her spare time, Sarah is training to join the circus as an aerial silks and lyra student.