Sam Egan – Instructor

Sam Eagen is a 2018 graduate of Woodford County High School and plans to attend Grinnell University in the Fall. Sam began programming in sixth grade when he discovered that there were many free courses available online. He quickly absorbed all the information he could, learning several languages and learning more about how unix based systems work. In addition to programming and working on projects, Sam enjoys running and participates in both cross country and track.

Sam discovered Newton’s Attic the Summer before ninth grade after moving here from Pennsylvania. He attended several classes as a student throughout the Summer before transitioning into being a volunteer for a year. Since then he has helped to teach several classes including Minecraft Mod, Kerbal Space, Da Vinci Kids and Chemistry. Sam greatly enjoys being able to help kids in the pursuit of knowledge and is looking forward to instructing Kerbal Space, Lego Robo Sumo and Digital Inventors: Virtual Reality, among other classes this Summer.