Our Mission

Mission Statement


Our mission is to stimulate interest in science and engineering through exciting, hands-on projects, classes, and summer camps.


Core Values


Intensive learning occurs when individuals are driven internally by an inherent interest to acquire knowledge.

Newton’s Attic will promote scientific thought based on sound principles and data-driven analysis.

Non-traditional teaching methods can produce exceptional educational results.


Strategic Goals


Challenge young people with unique educational experiences that allow them to apply technical knowledge in situations that are meaningful and relevant to them.

Create rich learning environments full of resources that promote critical thinking.

Expose all people to the concept that scientific principles can be explored and utilized in exciting ways.

Enhance the competitive context of the engineering industry by providing exceptional learning experiences for young people who will become our future workforce.

Guide students to pursue technical careers, especially related to engineering and science.


Guiding Principles


We believe the human mind is capable of incredible feats.

We believe that students properly inspired will pursue a study of math and physics with self-motivated rigor.

We believe learning can be fun and should be exciting.

We believe that the pursuit of scientific understanding is essential to the development of a technologically-advanced society from which we, our children and the world will benefit…we have created Newton’s Attic, an organization dedicated to inspiring students to embrace science, math and engineering.